Aero Modellers Meet – 2009


At Patiala Aviation Complex on 29th November 2009

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AeroModelling (Also Known as ‘RC Hobby” where RC means: radio Control… Actually RC Hobby contains every toy controlled by Radio Control such as RC Planes, RC Helicopters, RC Boats, RC Car, RC hovercraft, RC Kites, RC Birds etc etc) is a very thrilling as well as educative hobby satisfying a person in both fields of Sports & Education because an aero modeller has to play a part role of a designer, carpenter, Mechanical Engineer, Electronics Engineer, Engine technician as well as a Pilot!

This hobby is very popular in almost all developed countries where they have a huge passion for these toy planes… some of them even have a saperate rooms in their homes to keep their expensive toys, even a large vehicle is also devoted exclusively for their transportation to various competition & fun flying events!

We hope that This hobby is also given due consideration & support In India as Well.

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You can also send us any event details providing sufficient photographs and/or videos along with written details of Theme, place, date etc.

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