Aero Modellers Meet – 2011


At Haryana Institute of Civil Aviation, Karnal on 19th November 2011

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This is a very Thrilling Event held by joint effort of Enthusiasts In India and some Organisations aiming to provide credibility to Aeromodeling as a safe , responsible aero-sport in India, as already being recognised in other countries.

Honourable Retd. chief of Air Staff: Air Marshal Mr A.Y. Tipnis was the chief guest at the event, who was a source of inspiration to promote this hobby to a new scale!

AeroModelling (Also Known as ‘RC Hobby” where RC means: radio Control… Actually RC Hobby contains every toy controlled by Radio Control such as RC Planes, RC Helicopters, RC Boats, RC Car, RC hovercraft, RC Kites, RC Birds etc etc) is a very thrilling as well as educative hobby satisfying a person in both fields of Sports & Education because an aero modeller has to play a part role of a designer, carpenter, Mechanical Engineer, Electronics Engineer, Engine technician as well as a Pilot!

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You can also send us any event details providing sufficient photographs and/or videos along with written details of Theme, place, date etc.

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