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Wind Indicators !

You can estimate the direction as well as speed of wind with this simple Wind indicator model. It is easy to make and great to use. After making this model, install it on a high pole in your garden or on the top of house.






  Things Required :


broom stick
Round wood shaft
Iron nail
Plywood sheet


Leaf Switch


  Tools Required :


hand saw

  Constructional Details :
  • Cut 8 inch long length of a thick smooth and solid broom stick.
  • From 4mm plywood cut a piece in the shape as shown in the picture for the tail fin. (Hint: A rectangular piece of 4mm plywood of size 4 x 2 inch will be sufficient for the tail fin)
  • Now fix the tail fin on one end of the broom stick as shown in the picture.
  • On the other side of the broom stick fix a plastic fan by inserting a thin nail through the centre of the fan into the end face of the broom stick. (Dont push the nail too tight in the broom stick so that plastic fan is not able to rotate.)
  • At the middle of the broom stick make a hole and pass a nail and washers and tight this nail in one end of the round wood piece as shown in the picture below.
  • Your Wind Indicator is now ready to install and work. The Plastic fan will be always facing towards the direction from which the wind is coming and the speed of its rotation will show the wind speed.


  Other Wind Indicating Design Models :




Punch a hole through the center of a piece of cork. Insert four knitting needles through the sides of four yogurt cups and mount them around the cork in such a way that all the pots face the same direction horizontally. Place two metal washers on a small fence post. Hammer a nail through the centre of the cork and the wash on to the post.


Wind vane




From a sheet of card, cut out a circle and a pointer as shown below. Punch a hole in the centre of the circle. With a pencil divide the circle into 4 equal parts with the lines running through the centre. On the four points near the circumference, mark the four directions, N, S, E, and W. Tape the pointer to a long nail. Secure a small piece of plastic conduit pipe sealed at one end on a wooden post in your garden where it is windy. Insert the circle through the pipe and check the directions on the card with the help of a compass. Lastly insert the nail inside the pipe. As the wind blows the pointer will indicate the direction of the wind.


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