Try making this Simple Periscope.

The mirrors used are cut from standard mirror tile available at any hardware or home supply store. Hardware stores will cut the glass for your project.


Bird Houses :

Tools required:

Construction Details:

  • Ask an adult to cut off the cutting edge of the toothpaste box. Tape the box closed with masking tape.
  • Cut out a small square on the top end of one side of the box.
  • Cut another small square out at the bottom end of the opposite side of the box.
  • On a third side (a side between the two sides with the cutout holes) cut a diagonal slit at each end of the box. Cut each slit so that the bottom of the slit is level with the bottom edge of one of the cutout squares, and the top of the slit is level with the top edge of the cutout square. The bottom slit’s bottom should be close to the cutout hole and slant away from the hole. The top slit should slant in the same direction as the bottom one.
  • Cut identical slits on the opposite side of the box. Each slit should be a little bit wider than the mirror width so the mirrors will fit in the slits.
  • Slide a mirror into each slit. If the mirrors are one-sided, slide them in so the reflective sides face the holes. Secure the mirrors in place with tape.
  • You can cover the periscope with any colored paper of your choice. The periscope is ready for use. Hold the periscope upright, and look into the hole at the bottom. You’ll see what’s caught in the reflection from the top hole!

Periscope diagram

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